Nazia, she loves to read

On a Saturday morning, Dr A went for a morning walk in the nearby park.

She saw a young girl of about 6 years roaming around with her younger brother. She was full of energy. Her pants had big hole just above the knee. It was apparent from her appearance that her parents didn’t have a lot of resources.

Dr A called her and asked her why was she wearing a torn pant.

The girl was full of confidence and she replied, “I fell down and my mom doesn’t have to money to buy new clothes and she is so busy fixing others clothes that she forgot to fix mine”

She told her name was Nazia and she went to a nearby school in class 1.

Dr A and Nazia did the morning walk together that morning and took six rounds of the park and a 60 years old became fast friends with a 6 years old.

Dr A was so impressed by Nazia’s confidence and zeal for life and her knowledge and interest on books, that she invited Nazia to be a part of “The Wonderleaf”.

We all were very skeptical if she will come or not, but promptly at 2:45 pm on the Saturday afternoon, rang the bell.

“Auntie, I am Nazia and I am here to read books, but I have brought my brother along as my mother is working. Will you still let me read ?”

And that day we had a new Wonder Reader!

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