Raghav, fly high and touch the sky

As we grow older, we feel saying bye will be easier. People around us move all the time because of various reasons like  studies,  marriage, better job which leads to have a false confidence that we are okay with it.

But, when today we had to say bye to one of our most avid, regular, passionate and punctual WonderReader, Raghav, it was     neither simple nor effortless.

Raghav joined WonderLeaf almost 7 months back. Every week sharp at 3:00 pm the main gate would open with a thud and the door bell would ring and in came ‘Raghav’.

He always the first one to come thr reading session. Kudos to his mom and dad for instilling the importance of punctuality form such an early age.

Raghav has read close to 30 books from the WonderLeaf collection.We will surely miss his enthusiasm and charm.

Saying good bye would be too final..so Raghav until we meet again!

Wish you all the very best, God bless you.

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