Wandering in the forest

Short story by Anika Garg, Grade 6. Story prompt – Family and Forest

It began on a cold November morning when my parents along with me and my sister were looking for a new place to settle. We were wandering around and soon one road led to another and we all ended up in a forest.

The forest was very dense and we walked and walked but the forest never seemed to end. An then we came upon a big cave.  Since it was already night, we all decided to stop and rest in that big cave.

In the morning, we saw that the cave we were staying in was very big, had lots of space and fresh air and the ground was also clean. There were fruit trees and a river nearby and many chopped wood was lying around to be used in cold winter.

This was the perfect home for us. We settled down there and lived happily in the comforts of nature.

people riding motor boat

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