Camping In The Forest

This story is written by the gang of girls – Vaishnavi (10 years, Grade 5), Naisha and Aarna(7years, Grade 3). The story prompt given was – Fun and Turkey

It was a cold lonely night in a beautiful forest. The harvest moon was shining bright and illuminating the entire forest. Few school kids were camping in the forest. They were still not asleep, and saw a turkey wandering near their camp.

They wanted some fun and excitement, and decided to follow the turkey. The turkey was very fast as it could move easily in the bushes. The kids couldn’t find the turkey and started searching for it.

Meanwhile, the teacher at the camp also realized that few kids were missing, and she started searching for the kids.

In the forest, the kids spotted the turkey again and ran after it. Soon, they were deep in the forest and the turkey was nowhere to be found. The kids were very scared and they held hands and sat near a bush.

After a while, they heard their teacher’s voice, ” Where are you kids?” They were suddenly full of energy and ran towards their teacher and hugged her tightly. They all went back to the camp.

Next morning, after they boarded the bus for the journey back home, again they saw the turkey running in the woods. The kids looked at each other and said, “Enough adventure for this camp, we will be better prepared to catch this turkey next year”.

six camping tents in forest

Edited by : Sukriti Chopra


  1. It was very vivid for me to imagine the whole setting. Well written.
    Having said that,if you go africa, dont go looking for the ostrich, they can run after you. Why don’t you write another story like you are on a desert camp and a ostrich walk into your camp! Like a part 2. Jumping High 10 for you. I have a funny feeling I am becoming your fan. What do you say? Should I or Should I not?

    Liked by 1 person

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