Scaring the Crows

A short story by Ishaan Garg (9 yrs, Grade 4) based on story prompt – Scarecrow

animal avian beak birdsIt happened on Christmas Eve. I was very tired after all the excitement of the day. I had eaten loads of apple pie, as it was my favorite. I sat on the lounge chair and decided to rest.

Suddenly, I heard my father calling me. He was going to visit our apple orchard and wanted me to come along. He looked quite upset. On our way to the orchard, I asked what was troubling him. He said, “We are having a lot of trouble with the crows in the orchard. They are destroying all the apples.”

I told my father my idea,” How about putting a scary scarecrow at the orchard to scare away the crows.” My father really loved the idea and we built a huge scarecrow in the orchard.

But to our surprise, that didn’t scare the crows, and they kept coming back to the orchard. We were discussing this problem again, in the the orchard. Suddenly, we heard a loud voice. We looked around and realized, it was the scarecrow talking.

The scarecrow said, “I can help you with your problem. Get me a huge apple pie”. We all did as we were told. The scarecrow mixed a magical powder in the apple pie and kept it near him on the ground.

All the crows came and ate the pie, and were in a deep dreamy state after that. The scarecrow offered the apple pie to me as well, as it was my favorite.

I shouted ‘No’ and started to run.


I fell on the floor.

I had fallen asleep on the couch and it was all a dream!

Edited by : Sukriti Chopra


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