Fun By Chance

Written by Aarush Aggarwal, 11 years, student of Grade 7. Story input by Kiyansh (4 years)

It was 7:00 am, and the last day at my parents’ hometown Lucknow. It had already been two weeks and I hadn’t had any fun at all. All I did was just boring usual activities.

Today, I was determined to do something interesting, something unusual and fun. After freshening up, I managed to open the old window in my room, expecting bright sun rays, but instead it was another regular cool crisp morning.

Stray dogs were running on the street, birds were chirping on the tree.

And then I spotted a turkey sitting near the tree, feasting on something, probably thinking, “Ah ha! What a lucky day.”

As it started to eat,  a big vulture landed on the branch of the tree, hissing and grunting loudly, ready to pounce upon the turkey.

I didn’t want to miss any of the action, so I jumped from my window and started running towards the field, ignoring my father’s call to have breakfast. I was more interested in seeing the action outside.

When I reached the field, neither the turkey nor the vulture was there. Disappointed, I started walking back when suddenly something fell on me.

It was bird poo!

Anger welled up in me, I wiped my face and looked up. The vulture carrying the turkey was flying over me.

Something poked my leg. There was a flock of birds, requesting me to save them from the vulture, who had been regularly feasting on these creatures. I wanted to help them. I grabbed a stone lying nearby and threw it will full force, aiming for the vulture.

Though I aimed for its claws, but it struck the vulture on the wings. With a loud gasp, the vulture loosened its grip and released the turkey. Fortunately, the turkey fell on the bed of leaves in the field.

Feeling proud, and like a ‘hero’, I returned home.

Story prompt – Turkey, Boring day


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