Wilderness And I

A short and engrossing story by Aarush Aggarwal, 12 years old, studying in Grade 7.

It was a such a amazing moment for me when my father announced that we will be going to a tour in the Mangar Bani Forest. I invited my best friend Aman as well. We set out next Sunday and throughout the journey, my friend nervously asked questions like, “Are you scared of wild animals?” I would reply in a slightly overconfident tone ”Ha! That is out of the question. I am not scared of anything”. Then I thought, if I had lied.

We reached the forest at noon, and the sun shone on us as though we were on Mercury. We started to walk on the trail, and we saw peacocks, birds, parakeets, rabbits and more. Right after we saw the deer, a tiger leaped in front of me swiftly! It had many black stripes on his yellow skin, and really sharp claws, this made him mesmerizingly handsome (I noticed this later on, but at that moment, the only thought that came to my mind was, “aaaaah!!! Run for your life Aarush!”)

As I ran fast, I reluctantly turned back after a while, to check if the tiger was still there. And then I realized, I was standing in front of a ‘CLICK A PHOTO WITH A TIGER’ photo booth, and a man in a tiger costume had walked up to us to take our names for the photo! Now everybody there was laughing at me, and that was pretty embarrassing, but I too could not control it either. I ran back to the place and enjoyed the rest of the trip.

Edited by : Sukriti Chhopra
Photo source :indianexpress


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