Christmas Creative Writing

As part of the Christmas celebrations at The Wonderleaf Reading Club, we did a Christmas creative writing activity. Our Wonder Readers came up with interesting short paragraphs on Christmas.

Posting musings of Ishaan Garg, 9 years, student of class 4.

It was the day before Christmas,I was sitting near the window in my room and listening to my favorite Christmas carol, ‘Jingle Bells’. I thought about my friend, Jingles the elf, who lived at the North Pole. My Christmas wish was to spend a a few days with him. I was waiting for it to be fulfilled.

snow nature forest winter

And then suddenly came a sleigh near my window. Jingles and his elf friends were driving it and they were waving at me to on-board the sleigh.

Soon,I was at the North Pole. All the elves were busy decorating the huge Christmas trees.As I went near the trees, I noticed that they were not just simple Christmas trees,but were made of marshmallows.I pitched in and helped them in their work.

Soon it was time for ‘The Christmas Party’ at Santa’s Home. The house was made up of different colored candy. I was given some extra chocolate filled brownies and a snow ball made up of candy.I asked them if all the snow was made up of candy. They said yes.I couldn’t believe my eyes.It was super awesome.
I asked Jingles if we all can play my favorite game ‘Cricket’. Everyone was excited to learn this new game.The ball was made up of frozen chocolate and the bat was made up of candy. I hit a six and everyone cheered for me. It was getting dark and it was time for me to go home.
I thanked all the elves and Mr and Mrs Santa for such a warm welcome at their home and for caring for me. I sat in the Santa’s sleigh and flew away with Jingles. Santa also gave me me gifts for small kids who lives near my home.

It was a magical day for me and I couldn’t wait for the next Christmas to come soon enough.

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