Sun and Earth – Their Formation

Raghav is 12 years old and student of class VII. He has pen down a short realistic fiction on how the solar system was formed. This is a sort of prequel to the story “How Earth Got Fire” written by Naisha.

yellow sphere illustration
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About 13.8 billion years ago, when Universe was still young, it was was an extremely dense and extremely hot made of tiny particles. Then the ‘Big Bang’ happened and everything in the Universe expanded. The main things released were dust clouds, Helium and Hydrogen gas.

Due to the gravitational force, the tiny particles of the Universe, the gases and the clouds come together to form bigger bodies also known as stars.

Among those stars, one was was our own Sun, the biggest star. Sun kept expanding and expanding. As it grew large and large,Sun eventually collapsed. Sun broke into many smaller sized bodies. The biggest entity continued to call itself  ‘Sun’ and eight smaller ones moved away and called themselves ‘planets’.

All  the planets were hot and red as they were spin-off of the Sun. Gradually as these planets moved away from Sun, they started to cool down. Over the years, they developed different colors, personalities and continued to move around Sun. They named themselves as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.

The Sun and all the planets together were called “The Solar System”.

Earth was at the optimum distance from the Sun and it received just the right amount of heat and light from the Sun.It had lot of water as well and it was the ‘Blue Planet’. Earth was very good friend of Sun.

Mars found its place further down from the Sun and it named itself ‘Red Planet’.

Mercury and Venus still were roaming around.

Click to know how Mercury and Venus found there place between the Sun and the Earth.


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