Rhyming for Love

On this valentines day, Naisha rhymed for love. She is a vivacious, creative 8 year old who loves to make poems and limericks both in Hindi and English. Read her poem in Hindi – “Raja Aur Vah Plate”

Its valentine’s day,

Will somebody say

Whose love?

I wash my hands with dove

He should love to play,

And give me a chocolate tray

He should be cute,

And his favourite instruments must be flute

I will wear a hat,

And have a cat

He does Facebook chat,

And yucky things like that

I love to bake,

And make him a yummy cake

Naisha Aggarwal, Grade 4


  1. Loved reading this. Am smiling ear to ear. I love the description of the facebooking guy who does yucky things and she will at the end of it bake him a cake. Reality strikes. Jumping HIgh 5 to Naisha!

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