Mr J and his love for food in lock down

As part of creative writing activity at WonderLeaf Club, we asked our members to write a funny tale on any food they craved during lock down. Here is a funny and quirky one by Anika. Enjoy and done forget to leave a comment

Mr. J wants pizza. His mother is sleeping soundly in the other room. The entire country is in lock down. He searches the recipe for pizza on the internet, and realizes that he had almost none of the ingredients used to make a pizza. Just at that moment the electricity takes break and goes out.

Left with no other option, M. J decides to just wing it. He mixed the wheat flour and water to make a dough. Then he flattens the dough and adds the bottle of ketchup. On top of the ketchup, the adds some cheese. He then keeps it in the oven. He couldn’t believe his luck when the electricity decided to make appearance. After 10 mins, he takes out the pizza. . Just as he is about to take a bite, he remembers that he is allergic to that brand of cheese. He was sad and felt bad.

To make himself feel better, he settles for having an ice cream instead. He takes some milk from the refrigerator and he adds mango puree in it. He freezes the mixture in the fridge. Then waits and waits and waits. As he opens the door of the fridge, to check on the ice cream, he is greeted by a cloud of smoke. The refrigerator has broken down! So he takes the partially frozen ice cream, turns it into a shake, and drinks it.

Meanwhile a group of rats has discovered the abandoned pizza. They decide to have a party and soon the entire house is overflown with rats. Mr. J’s mother wakes up with a shriek, sensing something on her back. As she storms out of her room, she sees the house in chaos and poor Mr. J has to clean it all up.


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