Words of Rain Rhymed Together

The rainy season brings with it freshness and excitement. It rained on one of the Saturdays in and our young readers enthusiastically penned short verses on rain, how they experience and cherish and have fun in the rainy reason

Lovely rain of words, feeling, and dreams by Naisha, Prishaa, Ahaana, Kabeer and Atharv duo, Ishaan, and Ayansh.

Rain and Rainbow


Let’s walk with the water
Jump in the corner
Let’s go with the mud
Don’t spoil the bud
Let’s see the rainbow
And wear a bow

Rains and Puddles

Prishaa, Grade 4

I put on my coat
And boots on my feet
I put on my hat
And stroll down the street
The rain falls down
From the clouds above
Splashing in puddles
Is what I love!


I love Rain


I love rain for it cools me
Down the street, makes people happy
White clouds gone and black clouds came
It feels like a water game
One drop down on me and another drop down on somebody
I love rain, Yes I love rain
For it makes me happy the whole day

-Ahaana, Grade 5

Rhyming with Rain

Kabeer and Arthav

Rain rain rain
You are on my brain
Flooding the drain
Cleaning is a pain
Cool weather is a gain
That point is the main
Holding umbrella gives me sprain
Birds and plants are happy again
Rain rain come again.

– Kabeer Gulati & Atharv Gulati

Rainy Freshness


I like the town on rainy nights,
To send your voice throughout the nightlights,
I like the night with scary thunder thuds,
With movies of scary huts,
I like how beautiful is the rain,
And the joy of its entertain


My Idea of Rain

Ayansh, Grade 3

There were many people going to the ground
And dark clouds were all around
Heavy rain came
The umbrellas are there covering them
Wow! the rain stopped
And everyone enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles

Ayansh, Grade 3


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