Ishaan’s Journey at Wonderleaf Club

I am Ishaan Garg and I am student of D.P.S.G, Meerut road. I have attended Wonderleaf Club continuously since its beginning, almost five years ago. When I joined, I was a very young kid and was very afraid of the people there.

Slowly I started to know the people and started reading books. There were many books like funny, emotional, adventures, horror, etc. I learned so much about the world from the knowledge of books.

books are a huge treasure

Books are sometimes treasures of knowledge, sometimes of learning new skills, and sometimes of entertainment. The key to this treasure chest lies in acquiring the skill to read. Once that is done, a new world opens out to you. And the surprises and gems in this are never-ending. The world of reading books is equally endless.

From ancient times, whatever knowledge has been acquired, and recorded, about any subject under the sun, you will find in books.

The New Normal at Wonderleaf Club

In the Corona pandemic or Covid-19 pandemic, Wonderleaf Club could not happen offline and I thought we will have to close it. But we found a new way, to do it ONLINE and it was as rocking as usual!

I was very excited first to hear that we will read books and do activities online and was a great experience.

In these past years, WONDERLEAF CLUB HAS GOTTEN VERY FAMOUS and it posts the activities, stories, and many other things on Facebook and Instagram! It is so nice to see your creation out there. And I know Wonderleaf Club will grow and grow some more and it will never stop growing.

All the very best.


Ishaan has been a part of Wonderleaf Club for almost five years. He is one of our first few members. Thank you for sharing your experience and journey with us. It has been a pleasure to have you with us Ishaan. Your enthusiasm, creativity, commitment brings us so much joy. Click to listen to a story by Ishaan

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