Bread Pudding – A Short Story

Bread Pudding – A Short and Sweet story by Rhea Krishnan

Myrrh had invited her entire family to dinner at her little café. This café had been her dream since she was a little girl, she had always dreamt of becoming a chef and show- casing her family’s delicious dishes and creating her own delicacies. Now she had achieved her dream, after years of hard work and training, she had finally opened her own café and share all her family’s delicious recipes with the world. Her entire family had supported through out her endeavors and helped her succeed, Myrrh wanted to treat her family to a delicious meal which they would remember and prove she was qualified enough to run a café.

Myrrh had everything ready. All the scrumptious dishes, she had made for the dinner sat cooking in her kitchen. Her delicious and fragrant chicken and carrot stew sat boiling on the stove, brimming with carrots and tender pieces of meat, spreading its delicious aroma throughout the kitchen. Her large, stuffed turkey sat roasting in the oven, slowly developing a lovely roasted, reddish-brown colour, and the bread she had baked, had the most gorgeous crackle. The cranberry sauce that sat boiling in the pot had a deep, rich maroon colour. The only thing left was dessert.

Myrrh had decided weeks before to attempt to recreate her grandmother’s famous bread pudding recipe. The recipe was supposed to have been written in the family cookbook, but although the recipe for bread pudding was there in the book, it wasn’t the recipe for her grandma’s special pudding. Grandma kept the recipe for her special pudding to herself. Myrrh had been begging her grandmother to tell her the recipe, but she wouldn’t budge. Finally, Myrrh gave up. The only reason Myrrh wanted to make her grandmother’s bread pudding recipe was that, she was scared to make her own recipe of bread pudding, she was scared that no one would like it. Her family seemed to think that there was no dessert better than her grandmother’s pudding, if she were to make her own version, she would have to compete against her grandma’s pudding. And that was terrifying.

Myrrh needed to start work on the dessert fast. Her mind was racing. She took a deep breath. While running the café, she would have to face some of the greatest and most talented chef’s in the business. She had to overcome her fear. There was no time to waste. Myrrh knew exactly what she was going to make.

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Dinner was coming to an end, and dessert had just been served. Myrrh’s entire family, her mother, father, grandma and brother, sat staring at the dish served to them on their plate.

It was a piece of a very soft, gooey and chocolatey bread pudding, it was garnished with fresh raspberries. It looked delicious and smelt divine. It was unlike anything Myrrh’s family had seen before. They all dug their spoons into the pudding and took a bite.

‘It’s different’, said her mother.

‘It’s interesting’ said her father.

‘It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before’, said her brother.

‘It’s delicious!!, exclaimed her grandmother, it’s even better than mine!’

And the rest of the family had to agree.

That day everyone asked Myrrh how she made the pudding,

‘Why, it’s a secret!’, was her reply.

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