The Inner Peace 

“The life of inner peace being harmonious and without stress is the easiest type of existence”

Norman Vincent Peale

The above quote is written by one of the most influential clergymen of his times and author of the famous book – ‘The Power of Positive Thinking ‘. This quote makes me think about how do we all relate to ourselves – Peaceful or Disturbed?

Not sure if you have ever experienced two sides of your inner self, especially when this disturbed self overpowers the peaceful you and you start having questions about yourself.

We all work hard to be successful, earn money, have fun, a settled life, thus keeping ourselves busy – never taking time to pause and retrospect. We tend to keep rushing and get older with this busy routine that we forget to rescue our confusion and immersion in the common!

Humdrum of life

We keep making goals, collecting experiences, fulfilling our ambitions, hence a constant spree filling us with a sequence of varied emotions. This cauldron and shallowness of desires and emotions often stop us from discovering our supreme power, which lies suppressed under layers. 

As socially conditioned, we strive to lead a good and accomplished life, which might not be meaningful. Examining our own mind and its dynamics enables us to grab the inner cause of the problems we encounter and explore the state of mind we should achieve for peace.


Being habituated with fixed perspectives, we create boundaries, excluding the peace within. To break this habit, we need to reflect and dis-identify or detach ourselves from the conditioned mind. This is what Budha calls ‘Mindfulness’ – the practice of monitoring our mind and controlling emotions. Practicing mindfulness helps us reach deeper, to build our connections, and discover ourselves, not blinded by frames of reference.

Our daily life brings in thousands of struggles, giving rise to internal conflicts during our attempt to face them. Facing these struggles is not at all questionable but getting thrown off-balance by these impulses is what we don’t want to happen to us. The key is how easily we let go of these thoughts, emotions, and stress to regain peace inside!

It is rightly said

Be rational, not emotional
Be proactive, not reactive
Have direction, not speed

A constant examination of various situations and how we react to them will eventually lead us to a state where we get a deeper understanding and a connection. It is all about hanging onto our integrity no matter what happens in the world outside.

Life is not about perfectionism but a journey of experiences and learnings. Keeping our thoughts or emotions centered while treading this journey sets up a stage so that we reach peace within.

Ending my thought with a relatably good quote by Wayne W Dyer

“Peace is retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be “

Wayne W Dyer

Ms. Pooja Tuteja is an engineer by profession and a fitness freak. She loves to read and write and goes by the philosophy that reading benefits both mental and physical health. Nothing can beat the world of books and your imagination to write. Books break the shackles of time


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