Mom Saved the Day

Creative writing by Kimmy the Bunny, aka Naisha on the prompt ‘Summit was walking to the school and suddenly..”

Summit was a very nice boy. He had a beautiful house and he had great friends. Although he got admission to a popular school, they did not offer transport. He had to walk to school every day. Summit didn’t mind walking to school.

On a very fine day, Summit was ready and he was walking to school. He went quite far from his home. Summit was feeling sleepy because he had been working hard on a project all night long. Just then he realized that he didn’t have the project with him. He had left his project at home. But, something really important had to be announced at school which made him decide not to go back home to get the project.

His presentation was in the biology period before which it was Maths. Between these two periods was a 20-minute break. As the break started, he was shocked to see his mom. She had come to school with his project.

He felt really nice because this project was the deciding factor whether he would fail or pass. He passed. The project he made was outstanding. His mom saved the day.

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