Juggle What Life Throws At You

“ You are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.“ 

Chuck Norris

Does it sound different or familiar? Does it prompt us to think deeper? Is what we are doing today getting us closer to where we see ourselves tomorrow? Every day, each one of us is surrounded by precarious situations, trying to cope by adroitly balancing. How often do we introspect and figure out what will make us our own heroes? 


Life being life poses its own challenges, filling us with burlesque emotions of lamest order. Performing feats of manual dexterity, keeping in a continuous motion to accommodate work, people and family, we show up the potential of the highest degree, editing over life

I have two children, one of them is a teenager now. It has never been easy to work full time, manage the household, raise kids and keep my spirits alive and high. It is not easy for us to disguise our true selves and feelings. But we know living life to the fullest is the only way to be happy.

Juggling between obligations and opportunities

After my daughter was born, I started going for my regular walks/runs when she was just forty days old, resumed work when she was three months old. My love for travel took me to the interiors of Sikkim, reaching Nathu-La Pass with my 9-month-old daughter.

Given how often we are expected to give up on our dreams and desires post motherhood, it takes courage to maintain sanity and live our dreams. We should try not to miss opportunities to network and socialize – professionally and personally. Traveling for work and leisure, meeting people, and having random catch-up with friends will keep us invigorated and alive.

I feel we grow and learn more as our responsibilities grow. Every day is a new day. We all eventually understand how to fight our battles, but fighting them happily and maintaining our peace within, is the key. Breaking the bias is important and we all are doing our bit towards it. However small these efforts are, none will be wasted.


We need to set our priorities right and not let go of our dreams. The world sees us how we want them to see. We all are on our own individual journeys and need to traverse life in our own unique way! Once we have learned to juggle and are able to balance, that is when it becomes an experience. The underlying philosophy is:

 “She did not mind juggling because she loved her life and knew which balls to catch and which ones to drop.”

You are Strong

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.“ 

Lord Buddha 

Gifted with strengths, we just need to sharpen our axes. Feeding the mind with spiritual and intellectual thoughts keeps the energies on track. All it takes is to have high self-esteem and not to be crushed by negative influences. Not being deterred by daunting comments, stepping outside our comfort zone, and embracing challenges – will help us Win OUR Life

Be conscious of your thoughts. The secret sauce is to change your thinking!

The universe conspires to fulfill what you think, attracting it into your life.

So, never give up on your dreams because we all are juggling!


Ms. Pooja Tuteja is an engineer by profession and a fitness freak. She loves to read and write and goes by the philosophy that reading benefits both mental and physical health. Books break the shackles of time. Nothing can beat the world of books and spark your imagination as they do. Read her earlier post here.


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