Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

Conscious use of water and raising awareness about how we can take small steps to reduce water waste in our lives has been something close to my heart. 

I get frustrated when I see people using hosepipes to wash their galleries or cars instead of using buckets and have had random conversations with people about it. People make fun of me when they see how upset I get. 

At Wonderleaf Club, we consistently have conversations and perform activities to make children aware of the small steps we can take to make a difference. At times, it might seem like a lot of effort to save a tiny bit of water, but as the saying goes, every drop matters.

Small things we can try

Here are some of the things we try to follow in our home – 

  • RO Wastewater can be used to wash the gallery or car or mop the floor. Instead of letting it go to waste, collect it in a bucket or a water canister.
  • Wash the vegetables and fruits in a bucket full of water instead of running tap water. Later use the water to water plants.
  • After washing clothes, use the soapy water to mop floors or wash cars, driveways, or balconies.
  • Serve water in smaller glasses or fill them 3/4 full. One rarely drinks a full glass of water. Apply this rule when we are served water in restaurants.
  • Be mindful of the number of utensils we use; washing every spoon, fork, or bowl requires water.

Following these small steps is not a cakewalk. It involves constant effort, especially in Indian households where it also means training your help who, more often than not, take running water as a luxury and revel in it.

Let this Earth Day be a starting point to make some effort towards conserving water consciously in our daily lives.

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