Poem on Books on World Book Day

World Book Day was created by UNESCO on 23rd April 1995 as a worldwide celebration of books and reading.

To celebrate this wonderful day, we at Woderleaf Club, talked about what defines a Book. From looking up the dictionary meaning to reading famous quotes, we had an invigorating Saturday session. The icing on the cake was when all got creative and wrote a small poem.

Well written Ahaana, Saarang and Naisha!

What do you think is a book
A book is something we can look at while we cook

A book is something we can read in our free time
A book has interesting mysteries on crime

Some books don’t have even one picture
But every book has some structure

A world full of creative imagination
Can be either non-fiction or fiction

Fiction is full of magic
Non-fiction doesn’t have to be tragic

A book is something that gives you feelings
A kind of best friend with no dealings

Books are funny, happy, and sad
At times they can make you mad

At times they can scare you during the day
Or make you jump all the way

Why say more about a book
Just read it once and you’ll be hook

-Ahaana, Saraang, Naisha

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