How Earth got Fire

Naisha is 7 years and studies in Grade 3. She has written a short story on how Earth got the red element Fire.Read her interesting and different take on this subject.

Raghav has written prequel to her story Sun and Earth – Their Formation

Once there lived Earth and Sun in the dark blue Milky Way. They were best friends. They travelled together, visited other places in the Milky Way. They enjoyed talking and playing with each other. Sun was red, hot and always bright. Earth was calm, green and quiet.

Venus and Mercury also lived in Milky Way. They wanted to the friends with Earth and Sun as well. They tried hard to become friends with Sun and Earth but were not successful. Venus and Mercury became very upset and angry and decided to force their wish. They came in between the Sun and the Earth and separated them from each other. There was a huge distance between them now.

Earth was very sad. She missed the Sun. Seeing this, Sun took out a piece of his hair and gave it to Earth. This piece was as red and as hot the Sun.

Earth was excited and happy on this piece. She accepted this gift and kept it with her always. Earth loved this piece which she got from her dear friend and names it “FIRE”.

Fire lived on Earth thereafter.

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  1. A beautiful piece of imagination. Young minds develop such wonderful creative ideas and I applaud their intuition. Keep on writing more and more. My best wishes.

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