The Graveyard

A story spooky story by Ishaan and Adidev, students of Grade 5 and regular readers at Wonderleaf Club.

The Graveyard
The Graveyard

It was a full moon Halloween night. Ishaan and his friend Adi were staying at Ishaan’s home for a pajama party that night.They had planned that they will use Ishaan’s new telescope to see what happens in the sky on the night of Halloween.

When they were sitting on the roof, they saw a person walking towards the graveyard. He was walking funnily. An idea stuck and they decided to play a prank on this person and scare him.

They rushed out after him but to their surprise there was no one in the graveyard. They kept looking for him and finally spotted him near a grave. They started making terrifying and funny noises to scare the man, but no effect. They went a little closer and noticed that he had no head and was covered in white bandages. He was a MUMMY!

The Mummy noticed them and started running after them. Soon he caught up and grabbed Ishaan and started shaking him badly.Adi got very scared for his friend and wanted to save him.

He quickly grabbed a stone lying nearby and threw it at the Mummy. The Mummy was caught unaware and he dropped Ishaan. Both Adi and Ishaan started running away from the Mummy. They were fast and used all the shortcuts to get away as quickly as possible.

They were very scared and felt as if someone was really close. When they turned around to see if he was still around, the Mummy was standing near them and he again grabbed Ishaan by neck and started lifting him up.

Adi was also prepared this time, he had picked a spade while running from near a freshly dug grave. Adi gathered all this courage and and strength and ran after the Mummy and hit the Mummy in his back with the spade.

The Mummy cried in pain and fell on the ground. Ishaan freed himself from the Mummy’s grip and then both quickly got out of the graveyard.

Ishaan and Adi couldn’t forget this incident ever in their life and never went to graveyard again. Until one day, 3 years later, they met the Mummy again in a museum.

mummy sleeping statue
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