The Troubled Scientist

Read this hilarious, innovative, dramatic scientific story by Amiti, student of grade 8. 
You will not stop laughing after this one. 
Way to go Amiti.
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Once there was a Robot Scientist named Ronald. He worked in his laboratory all the time. His favourite time of the day was dawn. He was working on a lesser known technology called as Artificial Intelligence. He wanted to be ready for the 22nd century with his robots being empowered.

But there was a problem in his life. A devilish Vampire chased him. This Vampire had heard about Ronald from all the bats which hung from the roof outside his laboratory.
The Vampire was after him because he wanted to know all ideas for the new invention which Ronald was working on. He wanted steal them, make new robots and become more famous than Ronald.

The Vampire chased him everywhere all the time. He almost became part of his life. This troubled Ronald a lot and he was also somewhat scared. The Vampire decided to terrify Ronald such that he gave in.

On the night of Halloween, the Vampire brought a dead body to meet Ronald and hung the body outside his lab.
But Ronald had had enough and decided to solve this problem scientifically.  He challenged the Vampire to transmit all the blood he had ever sucked into the dead body so he can become alive again.The Vampire was elated and thought that this is some kind of a new invention.He started transmitting the blood into the dead body.

Seeing that the Vampire is distracted enough, Ronald tied the Vampire and the dead body with the Angry Birds Super String.

This Super String was the latest invention. It was not possible to break this string or to cut it. One could also activate or deactivate it by a remote and most importantly, the string was non-biodegradable.

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Once the Vampire was tied along with dead body, Ronald instructed his robot to pick them up and fly with them towards the sea. Ronald had also given instructions to the robot to add a big rock to the package.
The robot dropped the package, the Vampire, the dead body and the big rock, in the middle of Antarctica and it sunk to the bottom.

Ronald never heard from that Vampire or any other vampire ever again.

Author : Amiti Gupta, Grade 8

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